wth how did i get here.

I’m working hard to succeed not to show off.

be proud, the whole day.

I see people going off on how smoking weed is amazing and you feel good and happy after smoking. On my personal opinion, it just means they can generate their own happiness, that they need an illegal substance to assist them to an emotion that can’t feel. People ask me often do you smoke? I tell them NO, then they act surprised. I’m always happy, I don’t need to try it, I don’t need it. I’m surrounded by positive people who make me happy, I’m not high on anything but life on its own. I don’t need assistance on something I feel often. I was watching Timothy delaGhetto’s ‘dear delaGhetto’ series and I stumbled across his opinion on drugs, and what I found was amazing was that he has an almost exact same opinion on it. So it shows there are people who enjoy life amazingly and don’t do it .

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